TEAM Frac Sleeves are specifically designed for both cemented and open-hole completions in multi-zone applications. The proprietary technology allows up to 90 single stages to be completed without dropping balls smaller than 3.00-in in a 4.500-in completion and 4.00-in in a 5.500-in completion.

Various frac sleeve options are available to meet each wellbore environment.

Overview :

  • T-Port Frac Sleeve - The T-Port Frac Sleeve is a ball activated frac sleeve designed for use in multi-zone completions in both open hole and cemented applications. For More Information
  • HIP Packer - The T-Pack HIP Packer is a hydro-mechanical isolation packer specifically designed for open-hole multi-zone completions. For More Information
  • ORIO™ XL - The ORIO™ XL ball-activated frac sleeve is a 90 stage system that can be run in both a cemented or open hole completion. For More Information
  • TEAM Dissolvable Balls – Designed for multi-stage applications, the TEAM Oil Tools Dissolvable Ball utilizes proprietary material to meet specific wellbore environments. For More Information


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