On Common Ground

T-Pack™ HIP Packer

Our rugged Hydraulic Isolation Packer was designed specifically for multi-zone completions, a long-term response to traditional inflatable packers.

Orio™ Toe Valve

Revolutionary hydrostatic-operated sleeve bridges the gap between open and closed systems — providing the best circulation to complete the job. (U.S. Patent #8,267,178)

T-Port™ Frac Sleeve

Designed to provide the greatest flexibility in open hole or cemented completion applications, the T-Port™ allows independent stimulation across all zones.



Traditionally, the number of frac sleeves that could be run was limited due to the inherent design of the tool. The ORIO™ XL allows for an almost infinite number of sleeves that can be run and opened individually due to the unique design of the tool. For example, 90 sleeves can be run and opened individually with dissolvable balls ranging from 4.0” to 4.5”.

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ORIO™ XL Frac Sleeve

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TEAM Oil Tools is defined by our collaboration, reliability and results. For over a decade, our dedicated team of oil and gas experts has provided the guidance and know-how needed to get you to targets with greater precision and efficiency.

Our unique downhole solutions are always conceived with you in mind. From horizontal multi-stage completion tools to service and rental equipment, TEAM is a partner that sees the whole picture, providing the tools needed to get the job done right.

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions by working closely with our clients because we understand what it means to work in the field. It’s this common ground that propels TEAM Oil Tools to design innovative solutions at your pace that exceed expectations.

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